Steel structures

LLC "UniversalStroyMash” designs and manufactures civil steel structures, and namely, steel frames for buildings and constructions.
Columns of various design (dimensions) and collars in the form of beams or trusses constitute the basis of any frame. Other civil steel structures include secondary trusses, bracings, hammer beams, tie beams, auxiliary steel structures, etc.
Our production facilities make it possible for us to manufacture civil steel structures of any complexity. During the design and manufacturing of steel structures we take into consideration their permitted shipping dimensions..
All steel structures are welded by semi-automatic CO2 + Ar gas-shielded welding. Erection joints are bolted. Conventional and HSFG bolts are used.
At customer’s option civil steel structures are delivered with the following coatings:
  • Primed with two layers of grey or red prime GF-021 for further painting during the erection.
  • Primed and painted (enamel color, type and manufacturer are to be approved by the customer).
  • Coated by hot dip galvanization method.
Steel structures can be delivered both in sets and in pieces.