35 companies and organizations have replenished the membership base of the Rostov region

On July 21, 2022, the awarding of membership cards took place in CCI for representatives of newly joined organizations. Among the new CCI members Rostov region enterprises of different forms of ownership and from different sectors of the economy.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest business association in the region and has about 1,000 member organizations. Over the past 5 years, the Chamber has almost doubled the number of its members. In terms of the growth rate of the membership base, it ranks 4th in the country, where there are more than 150 territorial CCI, of which 96 are municipal Chambers.

According to a long-standing tradition, the awarding of membership cards takes place in the mode of an open dialogue with entrepreneurs, where everyone can ask their question to any of the heads of departments. Then they introduce their companies and focus on what they would like to get from cooperation.

Vice President of CCI Svetlana Abdulazizova spoke about the role of the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Russian system of chambers of commerce and industry and about the window of opportunity that membership in the Chamber of Commerce opens for entrepreneurs. Head of the Organizational Department of the Chamber Andrey Kononov introduced entrepreneurs to the organizational structure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, spoke in detail about the activities of the Chamber and services for business. After the presentation of the Chamber's capabilities, each of the entrepreneurs was able to ask their own question and introduce the company.

Among those who joined the CCI of the Rostov region in 2022: the five-star premium hotel "Grand Rostov Hyatt Regency",

manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aviation equipment LLC "AviaDon", the Oil Extraction plant "South of Russia" (MEZ "South of Russia"), a company with 30 years experience in the supply of modern high-quality workwear and safety shoes "Vostok-Service Rostov", construction and production company "Alliance", developer of computer software "German WEB", LLC "Law Firm M5", manufacturer of high-tech equipment LLC "Universalstroymash", as well as individual entrepreneurs and companies from various sectors of the economy.

Many of the newly joined organizations have identified the scope of their interests and made proposals for cooperation. So, the company MK Cardboard LLC needs search services new suppliers. CCI has been working in this field for more than one year and provides a wide range of industrial cooperation services. The Deputy Head of the Investment and Innovation Department told more about the possibilities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oksana Korostieva. She announced business missions planned for this year to other regions and suggested actively using the CCI to expand the geography of its presence.

In addition to interregional exchanges, in which entrepreneurs can find both a customer and a contractor, the Chamber of Commerce of the Rostov region is actively working to promote export-oriented companies to other countries. The sanctions policy has sharply raised the question of finding new partners. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which had previously assisted the growth of Don exports, focused as much as possible on finding new markets and suppliers.Currently, the most promising areas for foreign economic activity are: Latin America, Southeast Asia, as well as countries The Far East. The traditional event of the Rostov Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry "An Hour with a Trade Representative" allows you to get acquainted with the products of companies. Since the beginning of this year alone, the CCI has organized and conducted 9 such events. In order to become a member of the new ones, you need to subscribe to the official telegram channel of the CCI Rostov region, where all information about the Chamber's services, past and planned events, as well as all relevant information and business news is updated daily.

35 companies and organizations have replenished the membership base of the Rostov region35 companies and organizations have replenished the membership base of the Rostov region