LLC "UniversalStroyMash" can manufacture spare parts as per Customer’s drawings and technical documentation:
1. Gear wheel heat treatment, tooth-cutting, grinding and high induction hardening;
2. Manufacture of general engineering industry components (shafts, axes, bushings, non-standard metalware, spline shafts, cog wheels, gear wheels, sprockets, cages, clips, ties, inserts, nipples, connections, drums, rollers, cutting chains, conveyor chains, spare parts for agricultural and conveying equipment (such as conveyors, handlers, transporters, etc.);
3. Spare parts for road machinery attached equipment (mower, etc.), municipal sprinkling beds spare parts and equipment, etc.
4. BGN, BOP,BON, and BOU type vacuum filters, as well as spare parts for them;
5. Shafts-gears, worm gear pairs, all types of gear wheels up to 1600 mm in diameter and up to 20 in module (without tooth grinding), bevel pinions, tooth-type couplings; 
6. Manufacture of steel and iron casting articles up to 6 t;
7. Manufacture of bronze casting articles up to 1.5 t;
8. Tempering, annealing, normalization, hardening, cementation;
9. Bending of sections of various shapes, 3100 mm long, up to 10 mm thick.