LLC "UniversalStroyMash” manufactures and delivers non-standard and heat-exchange equipment, as well as vessels, reservoirs and their spare parts.

Delivery experience:

  • Converted gas refrigerator tube-sheet, item 1112-С,
  • Absorber column coils,
  • Reformer vapor-gas mixture (VGM) heating coil, item 107,
  • Generator-rectifier, item 901А/Б,
  • Absorber, item 906Г/В,
  • Steam boiler tube bundle, item. 111-СА/СВ,
  • Boiler tube-sheet, item 306,
  • Unrefined hydronitric mixture heater, item 116,
  • Integrated heat-exchanger, item 303,
  • Azotic acid heater, ВТ10,
  • Combined evaporator, item Т10, etc